Kelsey Clanton Photography | Seattle Family Photographer

It's been quiet over here! Whoops!!  Besides traveling a lot this summer with Ben and Gigi, I have finally launched my Seattle based photography business . . . YAY!!

My new website is http://www.kelseyclantonphotography.com/ and I am super excited about it!

You can also find me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KelseyClantonPhotography
(please like my page :D and spread the word!)

I'm not quite sure if I fully know what I'm getting myself into but I'm having fun with it!  I have a lot of great mentor photographers out there too (thanks!!)

So there you have it! It might continue to be kind of quiet around here so you should pop over to my photography blog where I am posting more regularly.



Huckleberry Sorbet

I am starting to post more of my photo projects on my photography blog.  I am really excited to have it up and running!!  You can follow along here: http://www.kelseyclantonphotography.com/

- Kelsey


Awesome Scanners Unite!

I am looking into upgrading my scanner to an awesome large format scanner . . .  The problem is there are A LOT of potentially awesome and potentially not so awesome scanners out there.  I kinda want the awesome one.

So here's where you come in . . .  Do you have any advice on what scanner I should get for my artwork?  What have you learned from your own experience?

Do magical unicorn coasters help?
Thanks for the input!



Alt Channel - Online Classes

Have you seen the Alt Channel?  It is a creation of the Alt Summit (an amazing design summit in Utah that we'd love to go to.)  They bring amazing people in to teach online classes on all things creative and entrepreneurial. 

Here's a few classes I'd love to take . . . 

For the month of July, Bing is offering free classes through the Alt Channel.  So cool (Thanks Bing!)  Sounds like a great opportunity to try a few out . . .

- Kelsey


Walks + Flowers

Gigi and I ran into these flowers on our walk.  I think they are the most vibrant flowers I've ever seen.
- Kelsey