Homemade Ice Cream

We love ice cream.  It is my favorite dessert.  Ben's favorite dessert is chocolate.  So, if it is chocolate ice cream with hot chocolate sauce (a Molly Moon's Ice Cream specialty), then it is his favorite.

I'm on a mission to make all the ice cream for my upcoming birthday.  These are my first two flavors: Green Tea and Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet.  Next up: Chocolate and Salted Caramel.
When making ice cream, I usually don't end up following any single recipe because ice cream is so much fun to experiment with!  But I do like to reference a few books to help guide my recipes.  I have three books in particular that I love . . . Sweet Cream, Molly Moon's, and Ciao Bella.  They have the most amazing flavors, photos, and designs! Yum!

Ben has an egg aversion so I tend to modify the egg-based ice creams to be egg-free.  Here is what I ended up doing with the Green Tea . . .

Ben and I love strawberry lemonade sorbet.  After visiting the family farm in Montana, we were sent home with a huge bag of rhubarb . . . this inspired us to try a strawberry rhubarb lemonade flavor and it turned out really yummy!  So here is what I ended up doing for that one (make sure to taste the mixture before adding the lemon juice--ours was too sweet so we wanted a lot of lemon juice) . . . 

- Kelsey


  1. Gorgeous photos and ice cream and I love the packaging. If I just happen to show up, don't be surprised!

    1. Let us know when baby comes and we'll bring by ice cream (of your choice) for ya!

  2. Wow! Look how beautiful they look! So cool.
    Everytime i trued to make homemade icecream it turned out to become full of ice crystals - that was my biggest problem. Yours seam to have a really soft and smooth texture.
    Congrats! It's really lovely.

    1. Thanks!! I think ice crystals form if the ice cream wasn't mixed long enough (or was mixed too long) and then was frozen. I love homemade ice cream so much better than store bought now!

    2. I see. I bet they are much better indeed :)
      TY for sharing :)