Wooden Boats

We've heard that Seattle has a Center for Wooden Boats but we had never actually seen it. A couple weekends ago, I stumbled upon a friend's iPhone photo of the toy boat pond and we decided it was time to go exploring.

It turns out, the Center for Wooden Boats and the toy boat pond are in the same area as the new Museum of History and Industry location.  I was bummed that the museum was moving but now that I see the new location, I think it is the best move they could make!  Take a look at their new building and waterfront view . . .

The toy boat pond has $5 boat rentals every weekend during the spring and summer months and the boats are gorgeous!  Plus, the $5 is really a donation to their teen program! Pretty neat!

Since the pond is a part of the public park, you can bring your own boats, dogs are welcome, and admission is free.  The man selling the boats explained that, while there are a few toy boat ponds around the U.S., this pond is one of a kind because it is a part of the public park.

Gigi found the boats fascinating!  We were worried that she'd want to jump in, but she just hung out on the ledge watching them.  It is amazing how fast these sail boats zip across the pond!

Since the park is right next to the Center for Wooden Boats, there are a lot of neat old boats in the harbor.

Now that we've had a small taste of the park, we are wanting to go back!

- Kelsey


  1. Oh my gosh! That looks like so much fun. I wanna go play with boats!

  2. Gorgeous photos! And what a wonderful Seattle day! Looks like a blast.

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