Vote for Me!

Vote for Me is Ben's picture book debut and it is now available! Yay!  I finally had a chance to snap some photos of the book so I thought I'd share...

Vote for Me is a story right up Ben's alley... silly with cute/fun illustrations.  While I think it has a humorous perspective on the election/politics, Ben says it is really just to amuse kids... and it does!

Vote for Me! 
by Ben Clanton
Kids Can Press
April 1, 2012

Hey, you! Yes, you with the dazzling smile! The donkey wants your vote. So does the elephant. And each will do just about anything to win your support. Brag? Sure! Flatter? Absolutely! Exaggerate, name-call, make silly promises and generally act childish? Yes, yes, yes and yes. Soon, the tension mounts, and these two quarrelsome candidates resort to slinging mud (literally) and flinging insults. And what happens when the election results are in? Well, let's just say the donkey and the elephant are in for a little surprise . . .

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#2 for Ben's second book!

- Kelsey

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