New Year's Day Snowshoe

Ben and I were trying to remember what we did for New Year's last year and we could not come up with an answer! So this year we decided to do something a little more memorable while also starting off the New Year with one of our ongoing goals (staying active for both us and our dog).

I finally deciphered where the nordic trails are on Snoqualmie so we headed up that way. I had heard that dogs are not allowed on the plowed trails but if you stay off them, then your fine. We were able to confirm this with one of the employees at the mountain. So off we went on our New Year's adventure!

We lucked out on the weather! It was gorgeous!! Clear skies, light snow, fresh powder! There was a chilly wind that swept the powder around in an almost sandy beach-like way.

We kept the trail in sight most of the time but mainly navigated through the trees. At one point, we noticed a snowshoe trail marker, telling us we were actually on a (mostly--one small marker) unidentified route. Once we left the dense forest, we noticed some impressive rock formations!

After stopping for lunch at a lookout, we back tracked in order to hike down towards the lake we could see.

The ice was really quite beautiful on the water. It was fascinating seeing where it was frozen and where it wasn't.

This is a snowshoe hike we'd love to explore again, perhaps going higher next time.  It was a very inspirational way to start the New Year!


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