maternity photo series

My friend is having a baby (YAY!) so I offered to help her document her journey! It is a wonderful learning experience for me both about photography and pregnancy!

This weekend we weren't quite sure where we were heading when me met up. We wanted to shoot outside to get the best of the light but it has been sooo cold. We ended up stopping by the Seattle Asian Art Museum and took some photos in their "snuff" room because it had nice big light filled windows.

Then we hopped over to the conservatory for some warmth. The conservatory was decked out for Christmas so we took some photos in front of the Christmasy plants.

We're going to have to get creative for indoor locations with nice natural light because we have a lot of weeks left of cold Seattle winters...

My Seattle family out there, any ideas of good photography locations?

Some possible ideas we have include: The Suzalo Library at the UW, the aquarium, the downtown library, the train station... but we are still looking for more!


  1. Pretty photos! Congrats to your friend. Hmmm...places, maybe one of the Japanese gardens? Have fun!

  2. I can ask Moira (doggy client) if you could shoot some shots in her lovely home. Huge fire place lovely windows, open staircase and what a view! mum