downtown adventures

We made a trip to pioneer square to shoot some photos. I really love all the brick buildings and deserted alleys we can find down there. The day before, it was pouring so I thought we'd have to post pone. Luckily, the weather was amazing.  We're going to try to make it back down to take some photos of Ben is his Max Wild Thing costume. And for the photos...

Let's begin with my brother. I was impressed that he dressed up to go shooting with me so I had to get some shots of him. He looks like he just walked out of an old mystery movie in that coat with slacks.
Chris is studying art at Cornish College of the Arts right now. I love hearing about everything he does at Cornish. It makes me really wish I had gone to art school (but I sure did love my school's anthropology department!)
 Chris recently had one of his art piece, ice chess, receive some positive recognition in conjunction with the Game Theory exhibit at Cornish.
Next up, we have Seattle children's illustrator Teresa Walsh
If you have ever walked into a school, you have probably seen her art hanging on the wall! I swear, every elementary school I go to has something.
My husband, Ben Clanton, was not expecting individual shots and wasn't too thrilled about the idea but I sure do love taking his photos!
Ben has two children's books coming out this winter/spring! He has several more coming out at later dates too. His work really is amazing and sweet, you should check it out!
Our pup, gigi, was thrilled to be coming along. She absolutely LOVED seeing the pigeons and long alleys. Really, she probably just wanted to run around like crazy but hanging out with us seemed like a good deal too.
Lastly, we got a few shots of Ben, me, and gigi together. We've been wanting to get some but it is so hard when you don't have a clone to follow you around. I loved this brick wall. The color is amazing!
We spent a while in this alley. The brick buildings are so old and you can even see coblestone under the street. To make it even better, it was completely deserted, which made gigi feel at ease being down town.
Thanks for looking!

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