while we aren't the most excited about trick or treating, we sure do love making costumes and carving pumpkins on  halloween! Here's some pics from our day...

Our friend Sam made Ben the amazing Max costume (from Where the Wild Things Are!)
So we had to make a Wild Thing pumpkin to go with it.
I take forever deciding on what I want to do with my pumpkin so this year I went with a gigi theme (she kinda looks like a sheep)
And here's the crew of awesome pumpkins that our friends made. 
From left to right, we have: warty nose guy, happy little one, gigi/sheep, Wild Thing, Jack Skellington, and video game death.

And the best for last... 

Let me present to you... 
Miss Piggy!

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  1. The "Gigi" pumpkin turned out amazing! Especially since she looks like a sheep in real life, too.
    Though I must admit all of the pumpkins look fantastic.

    Thanks for a fun afternoon.