A hand-made Christmas

This year for Christmas we tried to do more hand made things... which meant researching and coming up with fun and creative ideas! 

With our friends, we had a homemade gift exchange and I have to say, home made gifts are so much better! Our friend Sam took some of our robot drawings and made pillows out of them. How cool is that?! 
I knitted some hats...
My favorite hat pattern is from Knitting for Peace. I simply change the edge to ribbed (knit3, purl2), rather than the rolled rim that they have in the pattern. I used Cascade220 yarns and size 7 needles, knitted in the round.

And made magnets out of flat sided marbles...
I had so much fun picking out the designs for the marble magnets that I think I'm going to make some more soon. I found that Mod Podge worked great for glueing the paper to the marbles, and super glue for the marbles to the magnets.

We really want to do this homemade Christmas cracker project (photo and tutorial by this and that)...
Supplies (for 1 cracker):
wrapping paper - apx 11in x 8in
2 toilet paper roles
1 snapper (can be bought at michaels)
2 paper hat (can be bought at michaels, or handmade)
A joke
A gift
Glue Stick


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